By trade, most of you know me as an actor. In life, however, I, like most women, am many things, and though none, besides my trade, gives a paycheck I can cash, each job is worth more than money in the bank. I am a wife to Basil for eighteen years. I am the mother of two brilliant children. I am the sister to three amazing brothers, and I am the daughter to Daphne and Guillermo, my very loving parents. I also have the utter joy of being a friend to some pretty courageous women who put up with all the heat in the kitchen that Hell's chef has to offer, and they're still standing!

I created this web site to provide a place where my fans and friends may come to be encouraged and inspired. Simply put, that's what I'm often on the look out for: courage and inspiration to keep putting one foot in front of the other in this crazy world. I don't think anybody's going to give me my next big break because I have a nice website. And if you just wanted to contact me for work, you could go to IMDB.com and find out how, there. So if you're here, I'm thinking you're wanting a little bit more than some 8x10 glossies and info on my next movie (which is also available for those of you who don't wanna get that deep).

What I'm looking to do is share my insights and experiences with you as I journey through this miniscule piece of God's big picture called, my life.

Welcome. Warmest, yummiest welcome to all of you!



  • Lisa Arrindell Anderson wins Best Actor Honor at the 2015 Best of American Black Film Festival Awards
  • New blog site under construction

2015 Best Actor Honor